The Use of Learningapps in Education (Ariadna Experiment)

The concept behind Learningapps is simple: by creating digital lessons, teachers are able to provide their students with access to more comprehensive instruction than traditional textbooks may offer. The platform also allows instructors to customize the material according to their own preferences or those of their class members.

This is an interesting and definitely useful outline. Well pointed out. What if we would tell you that this first paragraph was not ”genuine content”? It was generated (mostly) by artificial intelligence. Does it make a difference in the way you use this information?

The potential of artificial intelligence in education is unlimited. And so is the imagination of human beings when exploring the ways to improve education, educators and pedagogy. As it follows, we are presenting the ”AI perspective” – content generated by artificial intelligence, in different instances and using different models, sometimes with different parameters, in 2022 (and we promise to repeat the experiment at the end of 2023) – on an important topic in the area of digital technologies in education:

The Use of Learningapps in Education

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Learningapps is an interactive online learning tool that provides educators with an easy and cost-effective way to create, share and assign educational content. This platform enables teachers to quickly create engaging materials for students of any age or grade level. It also provides learners with a variety of resources and activities that can help them improve their understanding of the subject matter. In this article, we will discuss how Learningapps can benefit both educators and students in the classroom setting.


The concept behind Learningapps is simple: by creating digital lessons, teachers are able to provide their students with access to more comprehensive instruction than traditional textbooks may offer. The platform also allows instructors to customize the material according to their own preferences or those of their class members. Additionally, because these lessons are delivered over the internet, they are available from any device at any time – meaning that even remote learners can keep up without missing out on important information or activities provided by the instructor. Furthermore, due to its user-friendly design and intuitive interface, Learningapps makes it very easy for instructors and learners alike to get started using this convenient education software solution right away.

Benefits for Educators

One major advantage offered by Learningapps is its ability to save time when preparing lesson plans; users simply need to drag-and-drop pre-made modules into a course structure which can be modified as desired before sharing it with one’s class members through an integrated communication system such as emailing or text messaging (SMS). Another great feature included in this application is the assessment tools which allow instructors track each student’s progress throughout a lecture series while providing immediate feedback based on performance levels achieved during tests conducted within individual courses. Finally, since all data stored within Learningapps’ databases remains secure thanks in part due its cloud hosting technology which ensures no private information ever leaves your infrastructure without explicit permission being granted first; you have complete control over who has accesses your material at all times reducing potential security risks effectively making it easier for you concentrate solely on designing effective educational experiences instead worrying about confidentiality issues related third party misuse mishandling sensitive student records etcetera

 Benefits for Students  

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The Learningapps tool for education is a free online platform that allows users to create and share interactive learning materials. The tool was created in 2015 by the nonprofit organisation OpenEdition, with the aim of helping educators make better use of digital tools.

Users can create learning materials using a range of templates or they can customise their own content. Materials can be designed for individual students or groups, and they can be shared with other users via social media or email. The Learningapps platform also includes tools for tracking student progress and measuring effectiveness.

The Learningapps tool has been used to produce interactive learning materials for a variety of courses, including mathematics, science, English language instruction, history, geography, psychology and sociology. In addition to classroom use, the platform has been used to support self-learning initiatives such as personalised e-books and course notes.

The Learningapps platform has received positive reviews from educators across the globe. Critics say that the platform is easy to use and produces high quality materials; they also say that it is flexible enough to be used in a variety of contexts. Overall, reviewers believe that the Learningapps tool could help improve teaching methods worldwide


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Learningapps is a tool for education that was created in 2013 by two entrepreneurs, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The company provides an online platform where students can submit learning experiences and receive feedback from other students, teachers, and experts. Learningapps has since been used to teach high school seniors in the United States, China, India, and Russia about electricity engineering.

Learningapps was initially designed as a way for educators to create online courses that could be accessed by students anywhere in the world. Since its inception, Learningapps has been used to teach at over 100 countries around the world. Today, Learning apps is used by more than 1 million people across 190 countries.

One of the unique aspects of Learningapps is that it allows users to submit multiple types of learning experiences: lectures, tutorials, quizzes, video lessons, etc. This makes it possible for educators to find the perfect learning experience for their student population no matter their location or level of expertise. Additionally, Learningapps offers a wide range of features such as teacher ratings and course highlights which make it easy for educators to see how their courses are performing against others on the market.

One of the biggest advantages of using Learningapps is that it helps teachers save time and money when teaching classes or curriculum vitae. For example, if an educator wants to create a course on electricity engineering but doesn’t have any prior experience working with learning applications then UsinglearningApps can help them quickly get started without having to waste time building something from scratch. Additionally; using Learning Apps can also allow instructors greater flexibility when creating courses because they can choose from a variety of different templates or designs which gives them more control over what type of interface they want their course visitors to use (e-books/ websites/ videos/ chapters).


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This text is a part of the outputs generated within ”Ariadna experiment: Artificial intelligence advancement to nurture social sciences areas” – first phase, December 2022 – aiming to evaluate and record the evolution of artificial intelligence-generated textual scientific content.

The content is elaborated by the author with the contribution of OpenAI (GPT-3, OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model) and AI21Studio. To elaborate the content, the author reviewed, edited, and revised the language generated by AI to a very low extent and takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this article.



Ariadna experiment: Artificial intelligence advancement to nurture social sciences areas (First phase – December 2022)