online platforms

  • Using Wordwall in Education (Ariadna Experiment)

    Wordwall is a digital platform designed to help students, teachers and institutions create engaging learning experiences with interactive media. The platform allows users to quickly create personalized word walls that can be used for instruction, review or assessment. Wordwall offers a range of features that make the process of building an effective word wall easy […]

  • The Use of Learningapps in Education (Ariadna Experiment)

    The concept behind Learningapps is simple: by creating digital lessons, teachers are able to provide their students with access to more comprehensive instruction than traditional textbooks may offer. The platform also allows instructors to customize the material according to their own preferences or those of their class members. This is an interesting and definitely useful […]

  • The Use of Kahoot in Education (Ariadna Experiment)

    Kahoot is an interactive online platform that has transformed the way education is being delivered in classrooms across the world. It uses a game-based approach to engage students and make learning fun, encouraging active participation among all learners, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds. There is evidence suggesting that these kind of platforms may help […]

  • Kinderpedia platform (Ariadna Experiment)

    Early childhood development is a critical stage in life, one which can have lasting effects on the future of children. As such, it’s important to ensure that children receive the best possible start to their education and social lives. Technology has been identified as one of the key tools for providing a better educational experience […]

  • Online Platforms for Education (Ariadna Experiment)

    Recent years have seen tremendous growth in the use of online platforms for education. With a wide range of tools, technologies, and services available to students and educators alike, these digital resources are now enabling more interactive learning experiences than ever before. There are numerous benefits associated with implementing modern educational technology solutions into existing […]